Quiet Desperation

by Parenthesis

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Recorded at TNT Music Productions
Mixed & Mastered by Jack Shirley

Special thanks to Ah Boy


released May 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Parenthesis Singapore

Clarence &
Lester &
Ryan &
Syakir &

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Track Name: Bear Mountain
The spaces we used to dwell is now cold as hell,
churning my guts out,
wallowing in emptiness.
Because everything is only temporary,
pretending everything is the way it should be.
I wondered if the repentance I seek will help me find sleep.

I would give everything to feel nothing again.
Track Name: Block Island
"There is nothing left for you here" I told myself that night and it's something that is always haunting me. There are pieces broken along the way and the streets are littered with thoughts of you. I thought it would suffice but for now just let me survive tonight. These vices are just biding my time but what am I biding for? Let the street lights moan and mourn for me. Even the cold air turns warm, I am my own tropical storm.
Track Name: Bodies
I heave a loud sigh as I weave my troubled thoughts that night
Restlessness and living has caught up with me but they are hardly worth noting
The distance you gave was further than the road I could pave and I'm just pacing back and forth in my head every night and day
Punctured and left in dismay
This hopeless gaze I've been kept awake by it for days

An ocean of remembrance but nothing to remember
Track Name: If She Is Not The Word Of God, God Never Spoke
These window panes reflecting off our listless faces, our restless minds they scour for pain. Was I too intoxicated, an addiction to numb the brain.

Trapped in my own personal hell, a wave of numbness struck
a somber violet sky to follow me home.

Crooked bones and an empty home
everything used to make sense to me
As I plunged into the sea,
anchored thoughts got the best of me

This weight inside my bones, it seeps through every crack and hole breaking me undefined and old

I lament the whole walk home

Your laughter still follows my every footstep home, always pounding and resonating at the back of my head

I am sick and tired of writing about you.